Our fully qualified and highly experienced trainers ensure all Apollo Fitness members feel comfortable and supported to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Dan Rawstorn

Dan Rawstorn

Having served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for the best part of a decade and playing representative rugby Dan has always enjoyed being active.

Dan’s approach to health and fitness is about a balanced and realistic approach that creates sustainable change. There is no quick fix, nothing generic or one size fits all. Through a tailored solution, hard work and consistency he has had clients achieve real results that last.  

Dan’s specialties are:

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Weight loss

  • Postural rehabilitation


Cory Harris

Cory is an experienced REPs Registered health and fitness professional who believes that everyone deserves the benefits of having complete wellness in their lives.

His professional sports background along with his work, fitness and family commitments give him an understanding of what it takes to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Cory specialises in:

  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching

  • Corporate health and fitness

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Effective results based training


Mitchell Ellis

Mitchell is very passionate about the fitness industry but also understands the overall wellness has a bigger picture and working with individuals to meet their personal goals whatever they may be is the most rewarding aspect.

His own experience as an elite athlete in multi sports provides him with an extensive understanding of functional training and what is required to continually improve performance and health.

Mitchell specialises in:

  • Weight loss

  • Functional training

  • Sports specific training


Justin Bartved

Justin is 32 and competed at national level basketball and obstacle course racing. He specialises in strength sports and barbell training. 
He is currently recovering from a slipped disc and pursuing ambitions in strength sports.
Justin was born with a passion for fitness. He started surf lifesaving when he was three and never looked back! After being involved in sports and fitness all his life, over the last year Justin has taken a special interest in how to change and adapt the human body in the most efficient way possible. 
In his own words: Justin is here to train you into the pushing, pulling and lifting weapon you were designed to be. Whilst on a run around Taylor's Mistake you slip and fall off the edge, just catching the edge you find yourself hanging from the side of a cliff. No problem though as Justin has trained you to do pull ups under fatigue so you manage to pull yourself to safety. 
Justin will retrain your body to be how it was built to be. With a variety of experience and knowledge in the strength and conditioning industry, Justin will safely and efficiently programme your exercise regime to make you the best version of yourself!


Mel Hunger

Mel retrained as a Personal Trainer after having my two energetic boys, Vincent and Ethan.  She wanted to stay fit and healthy for them but had no idea how much damage she was doing to her body by jumping straight back into her old fitness routines.

Her passion for fitness began when she started training in a gym at 15 years old. She realised quite quickly that she wasn't sporty or overly coordinated in a sports environment like her peers, so the gym became her place to stay fit and healthy.   

“Having poor body image and weight management issues throughout my twenties means helping others reach their health and fitness goals is a very personal thing. I have put my own body through the wringer multiple times, had two children and surgery, therefore I can relate to clients at different levels. I love helping clients reach their potential, achieve their goals and learn to be kinder to themselves.” 

“Apollo’s four pillars are really important to me as they epitomise the ultimate gym environment. For me personally having that sense of community in a gym is the most meaningful aspect. The gym needs to be a safe place free from judgement and criticism, where you can be yourself and achieve your goals in a supportive environment."


Aidan Cocker

Aidan believes that a good well balanced lifestyle is something we should all strive for. As a New Zealand representative he understands hard work and perseverance to surpass levels and reach new heights in the health and wellness industry.

Behavioural changes are often challenging, but he believes they are achievable with the right planning, determination and coaching.

Aidan specialises in:

  • Postural analysis and correction

  • Functional resistance training

  • Weight loss


Jacinda Chisholm

A practising yogi for over 10 years Jacinda discovered the discipline after supplementing her running routine with yoga to help prevent knee injuries. It did so much more for her than just that and ignited a passion for helping others to learn yoga routines. 

Jacinda studied a Bachelor of Health Science at the University of Queensland where she majored in public health before completing her 200 hour Vinyasa and Ashtanga Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India and teaching freelance in London for corporate groups and individuals.

She returned to her hometown of Christchurch in 2018 and has really enjoyed bringing her knowledge, passion for community health and creatively inspired yoga classes to the city.

Jacinda’s hour long classes will cover dynamic standing postures, balance work, deep stretches and restorative meditation - enhancing participants physical strength and flexibility whilst also nourishing the mind, body and soul. 

She looks forward to meeting you on the mat soon!