Our fully qualified and highly experienced trainers ensure all Apollo Fitness members feel comfortable and supported to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

 Dan Rawstorn

Dan Rawstorn

Having served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for the best part of a decade and playing representative rugby Dan has always enjoyed being active.

Dan’s approach to health and fitness is about a balanced and realistic approach that creates sustainable change. There is no quick fix, nothing generic or one size fits all. Through a tailored solution, hard work and consistency he has had clients achieve real results that last.  

Dan’s specialties are:

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Weight loss

  • Postural rehabilitation


Tom Downs

Tom is a Wellness Coach, and brings a unique aspect to the Apollo team, combining years of experience in the culinary industry, as a chef, and expertise in wellness coaching.

By using successful methods, and with his approach to every area of your teams wellness, Tom redefines the way in which group and personal training is offered.

Tom specialises in:

  • Wellness Coaching

  • Weight Loss

  • Sports Specific Coaching

  • Cross Fit


Cory Harris

Cory is an experienced REPs Registered health and fitness professional who believes that everyone deserves the benefits of having complete wellness in their lives.

His professional sports background along with his work, fitness and family commitments give him an understanding of what it takes to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Cory specialises in:

  • Lifestyle and wellness coaching

  • Corporate health and fitness

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Effective results based training

Mitchell Ellis

Mitchell is very passionate about the fitness industry but also understands the overall wellness has a bigger picture and working with individuals to meet their personal goals whatever they may be is the most rewarding aspect.

His own experience as an elite athlete in multi sports provides him with an extensive understanding of functional training and what is required to continually improve performance and health.

Mitchell specialises in:

  • Weight loss

  • Functional training

  • Sports specific training


Aidan Cocker

Aidan believes that a good well balanced lifestyle is something we should all strive for. As a New Zealand representative he understands hard work and perseverance to surpass levels and reach new heights in the health and wellness industry.

Behavioural changes are often challenging, but he believes they are achievable with the right planning, determination and coaching.

Aidan specialises in:

  • Postural analysis and correction

  • Functional resistance training

  • Weight loss


Dan Walinga

Dan has over 10 years of experience in the Personal Training field.

He takes a very client centred and results oriented approach towards coaching. Through his mobility and fascial stretch therapy techniques you will feel aches and pains disappear.

Dan's specialities are:

  • Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • Postural assessment and exercise

  • Weight loss and nutrition coaching

  • Sport specific training

  • Olympic weight lifting