Our fully qualified and highly experienced trainers ensure all Apollo Fitness members feel comfortable and supported to achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Dan Rawstorn

Dan Rawstorn

Having served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force for the best part of a decade and playing representative rugby Dan has always enjoyed being active.

Dan’s approach to health and fitness is about a balanced and realistic approach that creates sustainable change. There is no quick fix, nothing generic or one size fits all. Through a tailored solution, hard work and consistency he has had clients achieve real results that last.  

Dan’s specialties are:

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Weight loss

  • Postural rehabilitation


Mel Hunger

Mel retrained as a Personal Trainer after having her two energetic boys, Vincent and Ethan.  She wanted to stay fit and healthy for them but had no idea how much damage she was doing to her body by jumping straight back into her old fitness routines.

Her passion for fitness began when she started training in a gym at 15 years old. She realised quite quickly that she wasn't sporty or overly coordinated in a sports environment like her peers, so the gym became her place to stay fit and healthy.   

“Having poor body image and weight management issues throughout my twenties means helping others reach their health and fitness goals is a very personal thing. I have put my own body through the wringer multiple times, had two children and surgery, therefore I can relate to clients at different levels. I love helping clients reach their potential, achieve their goals and learn to be kinder to themselves.” 

“Apollo’s four pillars are really important to me as they epitomise the ultimate gym environment. For me personally having that sense of community in a gym is the most meaningful aspect. The gym needs to be a safe place free from judgement and criticism, where you can be yourself and achieve your goals in a supportive environment."


Mitchell Ellis

Mitch is 29 years old and has been a personal trainer for 7 years. He was brought into the industry by his own personal trainer and mentor. Mitch is married with two kids and lives a very active lifestyle within his family and own sport, which transfers across into his work and beliefs about fitness. 

Mitch played several high level sports growing up and wanted to continue with his own high performance knowledge and experience by helping others do the same. He always tried to be the fittest on the sports field even if he wasn’t the biggest or strongest. That’s where his passion for it began.

With a Diploma in Sport and Fitness, Representative Level Tennis, Rugby and Athletics, and a 4 times New Zealand Jet Ski Champion, Mitch specialises in athlete performance, HIIT training, circuit training, and has a particular interest in endurance based events and disciplines which he participates in himself.

What Apollo’s four pillars mean to Mitch:

  • “Health: I believe in a balanced personal & training lifestyle so that you don’t have to sacrifice any of the things you love doing. I emphasise this with my clients so they don’t get burnt out.”

  • “Knowledge: Most of what I have learnt comes from my own experiences as an athlete in several sports - I pass on my knowledge of training principles and methods that have best worked for me which easily translate to results based gym training with my clients”.

  • “Strength: Strength is one of the core aspects I work on with clients as it creates a foundation on which we can build on to achieve their goals whether it be weight loss or performance based goals.”

  • “Community: A lot of what I like about Apollo Fitness is the culture and family feel we have, this comes from the PTs being very personable with clients and building long term training relationships.”


Jo Read.jpg

Jo Read

Jo Read is a Health & Fitness Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Mother, and Entrepreneur on a lifelong mission to empower others to step into their best versions so they can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Throughout the span of her career, Jo has gained extensive professional and personal experience.

Jo has honed most of her skills by being mentored by talented professionals, completing in-depth training, and reading any informative book she could get her hands on.

Health, Knowledge, Strength and Community are 4 pillars that Jo certainly embraces. The four complement each other naturally and create a complete package of Healthy Living. You are not alone on your journey of a healthier lifestyle. Health is wealth. Knowledge is power. Strength is key to longevity. Community is belonging. 

Jo strives to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout New Zealand’s wellness landscape.

In order to bring this vision into fruition, she is dedicated to providing professional advice, support, and guidance to ensure optimal results.

“My goal is to educate, support and  empower  everyone I work with.”

 Above all else, Jo Read is deeply passionate about serving others. Whether it’s helping them reach their fitness goals, lead a healthier lifestyle, or get radiant skin, she puts her all into turning people’s visions into a reality.


Aidan Cocker

Aidan believes that a good well balanced lifestyle is something we should all strive for. As a New Zealand representative he understands hard work and perseverance to surpass levels and reach new heights in the health and wellness industry.

Behavioural changes are often challenging, but he believes they are achievable with the right planning, determination and coaching.

Aidan specialises in:

  • Postural analysis and correction

  • Functional resistance training

  • Weight loss


Cory Harris

Cory is an experienced New Zealand and UK REPs registered Personal Trainer and ASCA Level One Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Cory was a Professional Rugby Player in the UK for six years after playing Representative Rugby for Canterbury, NZ. He has competed against, trained, and played alongside world class athletes both in New Zealand and Europe. 

Cory has now turned his focus on coaching and empowering his clients to overcome their barriers and create positive, long lasting changes in their lives. 

“I love what I do and I am passionate about helping others by educating and providing them with the tools to achieve their desired goals. I'm proud of my client's results and the commitment shown by them week in week out. Some have been with me since the very beginning when I started in the Fitness Industry back in 2007.

I am a very approachable and friendly person who maintains a positive outlook on life. Having a family, work and my own fitness to juggle, I understand what is required to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Apollo Fitness is an exciting and supportive environment to train. The spacious layout and high-end equipment suits the needs of my clients."

– Cory Harris


Cory specialises in:

•   Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching

•   Corporate Health and Fitness

•   Strength and Conditioning

•   Sport Specific Training

•   Mobility and Effective Results Based Training



Maira is a movement trainer originally from Argentina, with extensive knowledge of different Yoga traditions as well as contemporary methods such as Animal Flow, kinesiological stretching and bio-mechanical analysis.

Her classes are infused with clear alignment and a light-hearted attitude where everyone can enjoy just being themselves and learning to move more efficiently in their bodies. She is on a mission to help improve people’s relationships with their bodies, one class at a time!